Central Virginia Honor Guard

Our Mission

The mission of the Central Virginia Honor Guard is to provide military honors for funerals, memorial services, and ceremonies as requested regardless of the service branch. Our members are proud representatives of this most hallowed event and our standard will remain perfection. this dignified participation reflects the professionlism of our own service to the nation and leaves a lasting impression of pride and support for the veteran's family, friends and our local community and a grateful nation.

The rendering of the military funeral honors is how we show this nations deep graditude to those who in times of war and peace, have faithfully defended and seved our country. It isthe final tribute provided to the veterans and the families that supported them during their service.

The tradition of providing funeral honors began in ancient Greece and Rome. The funeral honors protocol of today traces its roots to these ceremonies, as well to historical American experiences.


Contact (info@cvahonorguard.org) to get more information

How much does it cost?

The Central Virginia Honor Guard Proudly provides military funeral honors to the familyat no cost. However as we are a nonprofit organization,we do accept donations toenable us to continue these services to honor our veterans.

Who is eligible?

  • Military members on active duty.

  • Military retirees.

  • Members and former members of the selected reserve.

  • Eligible U.S.veterans of any war.

  • Other service veterans who served at leastone termof enlistment and seperated under conditions other than didshonorable.

How much notice should be provided?

Contact us as soon as possible so we can organize the funeral honors detail.